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Precautions for safe use of cylinder valve

Gas cylinder is a kind of pressure equipment with explosion risk, and its loading medium generally has the properties of flammability, explosion, toxicity and strong corrosion. The service environment is more complex and worse than other pressure vessels because of its movement, repeated filling, unstable operators and users and the change of service environment. Once the gas cylinder explodes or leaks, it often causes fire or poisoning, and even catastrophic accidents, resulting in serious property losses, casualties and environmental pollution.
Therefore, the use of cylinder valves is also particularly important. Let's understand the specific precautions.
The material of the bottle valve does not have chemical discharge with the gas contained in the bottle, nor does it affect the quality of the gas. The bottle valve of appropriate material shall be selected according to the nature of the gas( For highly corrosive or toxic gases such as H2S, HCl and NO2, imported stainless steel bottle valves need to be used to ensure the safety of use and storage).
2. The structure of the gas outlet of the bottle valve can effectively prevent the wrong installation and misuse of gas. The outlet thread of combustible gas is left-handed reverse thread, and the outlet thread of non combustible gas is right-handed positive thread.
3. The cylinder valve material of oxygen or strong oxidizing gas must be flame retardant material without grease; The tools and connected equipment in contact with them shall not contain grease.
4. The thread structure of the equipment connected with the bottle valve must be consistent with the structure of the air outlet of the bottle valve.
5. It is forbidden to knock or impact the bottle valve with hard tools.
6. During the storage and transportation works, the bottle cap must be worn to prevent dumping, impact and damage to the bottle valve.
7. Before opening the bottle valve for use, the fastening of each interface of the equipment connected to it must be determined to ensure that the equipment is in good condition.
8. Pay attention to slowly open the bottle valve, open the bottle valve counterclockwise and close the bottle valve clockwise; Usually, the bottle valve is screwed out first, and then it returns to the 2 / 3 open state.
When closing the bottle valve to stop gas, do not tighten the bottle valve too hard, and gently close the bottle valve until there is no gas, otherwise the internal structure of the bottle valve will be damaged.
10. After the highly corrosive gas cylinder is used up, the cylinder valve must be closed to prevent the outside air from pouring in and corroding the cylinder valve.
11. When opening the bottle valve, the air outlet of the bottle valve shall not face people; At the same time, the operator must stand on the side of the bottle valve, not on the front and back.
12. If the bottle valve is abnormal, stop using gas immediately; And return it to the supplier for disposal.



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